Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Building the Future

Name: Jeff Cui
From: Portland, Oregon
Grade: 11
School: Sunset High School
Votes: 0

One of the areas
of volunteerism that I care the most about is what I’m pursuing:
education. The reason why I chose education is that it’s a path to
the future. So many impacts made in the world were because of the
opportunity of education. Over my high school career, I’ve
participated in many volunteering projects, all of which have
contributed to education in some fashion. This aspiration started
back in my sophomore year, where I started tutoring kids, joined a
club that donates its proceeds to an education charity, and began
working at the library. Hours were averaged at around 3-4 hours a

Some of my
responsibilities included working with kids, teaching content, and
leading my own fundraisers for educational charities. These tasks
have taught me how to interact with people of all ages and work
thoroughly. From these activities, the biggest challenge for me has
been to inspire others. Although I care deeply about education, it’s
hard to inspire others to reach the same level. I believe that this
challenge has led me to become a better leader; I need to show my
level of commitment/excitement to the cause and be a role model. What
gives me the most satisfaction is to see people passionate about
volunteering and to know that it’s for a good cause. For example,
one of my fundraising projects, a car wash, raised over $1,500 in two
weeks. I was very appreciative of all the people who assisted and
that all the money would go to future education programs. What I’ve
learned the most is that volunteering is all the about the people-
gear your passion to who you work with and who you’re volunteering

Looking towards the future, I see my activities as “forward-looking”
because they have a long-lasting impact. “Forward-looking” to me
is something that is proactive and will have a long-term change. I
think what I seek to change is to improve education, especially for
children who learn in different methods or for children that don’t
have the opportunity to learn. I hope that we can create a world
where good education is a right and not a privilege. I believe that
if I were to come back in a few decades, my activities would have
made a difference. Other than raising money for long-term programs, I
tutored elementary school kids. I believe that education can touch
the hearts of kids/people and make them passionate about something
they may not have been aware of. In that case, education will always
make a difference because it inspires people for life. Regarding my
interests, I want to become an electrical engineer and develop new,
everyday products. While that may not align directly with education
like teaching, I believe it can still hit that same focus through my
potential projects. I believe that education is a way to the future.
Even though not everyone will become a teacher, we can all make a
contribution towards building the future.

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