Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – CARE FOR LIFE

Name: Frank
From: Palmhurst, Texas
Grade: senior high
School: South Texas College
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N. Mukete



Helping preserve life has always been a passion to me. That’s why I joined the Cameroon Animal Rescue (C.A.R.), to be able to save the lives of poor animals driven out of their homes and even hunted. This bad fate that had engulfed Cameroons communities had to seize.

The act of people kicking their pets out into the misery of the world, or worse, killing them! Was no new thing to our community. There were many cases were people had been caught stealing other peoples pets for their meal. After witnessing the way people treated animals, I decided to volunteer as a caretaker for the rescued animals. I started my work in July 2013 and continued in the summers till 2015, spending most of my day from Sunday to Friday.

While at the animal shelter, it was my job to feed, wash and check the condition of the animals along with a few other volunteers. Only then did I notice that animals desire just care, love and respect. Seeing them so happy at the shelter was the greatest joy I have ever felt, being able to make them get over the pain and suffering they went through in the hands of bad people. But of all the animals, a dog named Lulu who was rescued from hunters a few months in showed me passion that warmed my heart. I noticed that the more time I spent with the animals, the better I became at interacting with not just them but other animals. I was able to understand how they see and feel about us and the world around them. And when I went back to school, my teacher was most impressed by the biology skill I had acquired.

The time we spent with the animals helped prove a point to the people around us and to others even further that; animals are Gods creation as are we, and they deserve our respect and kindness. From what we did, many people decided to volunteer and donate to the animal shelter. And the way people in my community treated animals got a lot better over the years. With the change, many people started adopting and taking care of pets, improving the ‘man-animal bond’ in the community. This great victory was spread to neighboring communities and over social networks to ensure the continuity of the bond as the years go by. This gave the impression of a forward-looking future to a better nature.

In the time I spent at the shelter, the biggest challenge I faced was having to leave in September, when school reopened. Even though volunteering for the shelter was not in my career path, it gave me my goal to save lives and make people happy. Concluding, I define my forward-looking future as one where man and animal are at peace.

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