Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Caring for My Community

Name: Jerron Knighten
From: Edgewood, Maryland
Grade: 11
School: Edgewood High
Votes: 0

I have chosen to volunteer in the community in which I live. I notice
that a lot of adults and kids litter and I don’t like how my
neighborhood looks sometimes. I used to talk about how messy or
junkie it was but then one day I decided to do something about it. I
got tired of looking at it and complaining about it so I got some
gloves and a few trash bags and started to clean up. My mom helped
me. She has always believed in taking care of our neighborhood but I
never saw the point before. After all, people were just going to
trash it up again. I don’t feel that way anymore, though. Maybe
it’s because I am getting older but I am taking more pride in where
I live. About twice a month for 1-2 hours, I go out and pick up trash
on my street, at our neighborhood basketball court, and on
surrounding streets. It makes me feel good when I can look back and
see that the work that I did made a difference. Also, sometimes
people driving by will blow the horn or stop and say thanks for
cleaning. But what gives me the most satisfaction is knowing that my
community is better because of something I did. From volunteering I
have learned to not be concerned with what other people are or are
not doing but to have a servant’s heart because God sees what and I
am doing and He will bless me for serving others.

I see my volunteer activities as “forward looking” because my work
will influence others so that in the future the community in which I
live will still be a great place to grow up. To me “forward
looking” means looking ahead to do something today that will
positively impact the future. I know that if I come back in future
years, there will be someone who will work to keep the community
clean because they saw me caring for the community.

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