Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Coach Gaby

Name: Gabriela Hermida
From: Orlando , Florida
Grade: 11
School: Colonial High School
Votes: 0

summer during 2011-2015 I have volunteered at the Engelwood
Neighborhood Center. Each summer we had 10 weeks. I volunteered
everyday those 10 weeks Monday through Friday completing about 45
hours a week. During the whole 10 weeks I completed 450 hours. With
all my years put together I completed 2,250 hours. During my time
volunteering my job was a junior counselor. Since it was during the
summer the center had a summer camp for kids. I was the one who set
up the games for the kids, or took them to get a bandaid etc. While
volunteering I also helped with the front desk. I answered calls,
filed papers and answered any questions the parents had concerning
their child. My biggest accomplishment that I mad while volunteering
was creating a cheer leading squad. I myself was a cheerleader all
throughout high school, so I had experience. I formed a group with a
bunch of girl of all different ages. We started to practice and I
started to teach them moves. At the end of summer 2015 we performed
in front of the whole organization. Our performance was to send a
message to all the little kids to be brave

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