Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – My Commitment to Volunteerism in 2017

Name: Carrie Waskin
From: Fort Myers, Florida
Grade: College Freshman
School: Florida Southwestern State College
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Carrie Waskin


My Commitment to

I look forward to
my new path towards volunteering. I have decided that volunteering
within my church is the best next step for me to take. I have
contemplated for quite some time how and where I would like to give
my time, and this opportunity feels right.

My church has a
nursery program for children ages baby to 5 years. While the parents
attend service, the children play and learn in their designated
classrooms to allow the parents the time and freedom to worship.
While the children are in these classrooms, they have free play,
snack time, story time, and song time. As a volunteer, I will be one
of the many adults who supervises, interacts, teaches, and plays
alongside the children. I greatly look forward to spending time with
each child and learning about their individual personalities. I am
also excited to be a consistent part of each child’s Sunday morning
routine in an attempt to provide stability to some who do not already
have stability in their everyday life. I also look forward to
singing songs of joy and reading stories of overcoming obstacles and
simply seeing the joy brought out in each child. I have a passion for
working with children, and cannot wait to get started next weekend.

I am also very
excited about being a part of the children’s ministry, because of
its value to the parents. I believe that each parent deserves some
time each week to themselves and their worship. Knowing that I will
be a contributing factor to this, warms my heart. By having such a
program, the parents are guaranteed, at very least, one hour every
week to decompress, relax, and focus on their own well-being. This is
a crucial part of being a successful and healthy parent.

I will begin my
orientation and shadowing experience next weekend, and cannot wait to
get started. I have thought long and hard about how I would to begin
giving back to my community, and I feel that I have found my niche. I
cannot wait to meet each special child!

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