Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – My Commitment To Volunteerism

Name: Nicholas Ryan Schmalzel
From: Monroe, Michigan
Grade: Junior
School: Saint Mary Catholic Central High School
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Forward Scholarship

Commitment to Volunteerism

has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I attended a
Catholic elementary school and I am currently a senior at a Catholic
high school. My education has involved a focus on volunteering,
including projects through my church and school and also the
surrounding community. I have been fortunate to learn the importance
of volunteering my time and skills to those in need and I am
committed to volunteering throughout my adult life as well.

Saint Mary Catholic Central High School I have been involved in many
service projects and I have accumulated over 60 volunteer hours. I
assist with prayer services on our campus and I have participated in
various events that have been held outside of school. Through my
Interact Club membership, I have volunteered time to the Monroe
County Intermediate School District where I was fortunate to work
with kids. These events have been very rewarding for me and I have
enjoyed working with students immensely, especially during the Easter
and Christmas seasons.

largest volunteer event that I participated in was a service trip to
Harlan, Kentucky in order to help two families with roof
replacements. About half way through the week one group was
struggling so I volunteered to switch groups and assist. I
considered myself lucky to be involved with both projects and work
with both families. After we finished our roof jobs we volunteered
at a soup kitchen and were told so many stories from the people that
came to eat. This was definitely my biggest challenge as a volunteer
because I had no experience in working on homes, especially roofing.
I was forced out of my comfort zone and, although it was difficult, I
learned the importance of trying something new. The trip reinforced
my belief in the importance of volunteerism, and reminded me to be
thankful for all I have been blessed with. The most satisfaction I
have ever felt in a project came when I saw the looks of the home
owners faces.

has been a part of my education and life for as long as I can
remember. There have been small and large projects and all have been
rewarding. I have learned that even the smallest event can make your
day, or even change a life. I am looking toward my future and
starting at Eastern Michigan University. I have already researched
volunteer organizations on campus and I plan to continue my
commitment to volunteerism. I will be majoring in Simulation,
Animation and Game Design and hope to create video games with
characters who have a good moral base. Hopefully this will give me a
forum to reach out to younger students as an adult volunteer and show
them that it is ok to make good choices. I believe, many years from
now, I will be able to look back on my time spent as a volunteer and
see that I made a difference.

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