Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Community service and its benefits

Name: Francisco Israel Hernandez
From: Ontario, California
Grade: 11th
School: Chaffey High School
Votes: 0

community service there was a good amount of knowledge that I gained
from serving my community. Because this was the third semester in
which I participate in Loaves and Fishes, I began to realize that
most people that go are people that go there everytime there is a
Loaves and Fishes to receive food. I realize that there are people
out there that depend on this service as a mean to survive. I also
learned that there are also people that regularly volunteer at not
only First

Methodist Churches but also at shelters. From my experience with
helping out the librarians at Chaffey I learned that at the beginning
of the year, organizing books and preparing for the year is an
extremely tedious task, so I was glad to help. From helping out the
community garden with Earth Club I learned that there are people out
there that really do want to make a difference when it comes to what
type of nutrients people are consuming. From the food fair with Swim,
I learned that cookies and brownies are a huge hit when it comes to
the food fair.

learned a lot from myself in this semester’s amount of community
service. For starters I learned that with enough determination I can
do more hours than the ones being asked. By starting earlier in the
year and spacing out all the events that were available I was able to
do 25.5 hours. I know it’s not the biggest amount of hours but for
me this was a good feat. I also learned that there are so many
community service events out there if you are willing to find them.

on the fact that there are so many community service opportunities I
can confidently say that for my next semester’s goals I want to
achieve at least 30 hours of community service. I want to also begin
to do different types of community service similar to how I did it
this semester. There is so much to learn when it comes to community
service as long as I change it up.

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