Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Community Service Reflection

Name: Leanedra Goodwin
From: Morrow, Georgia
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May 2017

Service Reflection

a middle-class student, I never stopped to ponder the effects I could
have on a person’s life by just offering a helping hand. People of
this century have labeled community service as a form of punishment
because it is always offered as a sentence to minor lawbreakers of
the law, however, community service is a very vital form of growth in
any community.  Helping in various communities has helped me to
learn more about myself and others through the many organizations I
could contribute to.

my youth, I was always taught to give back to my community to receive
an inner enrichment. As a child, I have always enjoyed lending a
helping hand when someone needs my assistance, especially
children. My prerequisite to help children in need resulted in me
wanting to become a social worker. Knowing that I wanted to pursue a
career dealing with children, I registered to volunteer at a Middle
school called Lovett. This was a huge step, since this
whole experience taught me how to communicate and better perfect my
leadership skills through my position in the
class. Break- Through Atlanta, believed as I do that Middle
School students are at a critical place in their life where any
decision that will affect their future drastically. They believe,
“[In] provid[ing] an academically intense pathway to college
for motivated metro Atlanta public school students to encourage
academic success.” This over-all view helped me see how fortunate I
am to be in an HBCU and at SpelmanCollege.

work is one of the most rigorous requirements when it comes to
becoming more self-aware of your surroundings.  After
participating in Break- Through Atlanta, I turned my
attention next to my community in the AUC, Spelman College.
By that time, I had already completed my requirements for community
service for my freshmen year, however, I could not say no to helping
my Spelman sisters find out about the various scholarships
that can help them complete their time here without using any loans.
I did not walk into this event with any set goals other than to get
the passing students to stop and glance at the Scholarship Fair. My
role in the event may not have been as significant as perhaps
serving food or giving out the pamphlets of information about the
websites to glimpse at to see some of the scholarships that they
might be eligible for, yet I still felt as though I helped by
engaging the students in a game to catch their attention to stop and
have a look at what information we can offer them.  

conclusion, the experience I gained from all my outlets of community
service will forever be a reminder to me personally to humble myself.
Being a responsible citizen is not just about finding a career and
paying your taxes, it’s also about lending a helping hand to anyone
in need.

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