Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Devoting Time

Name: Kaziah Conrad
From: Grove City, Ohio
Grade: 12
School: Cedarville University/Homeschooled
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My name is Kaziah Conrad, my area of volunteering was working with
children and people dealing with chronic illness and disability. I
have devoted countless hours of my time with children who spent days,
weeks, and even months in the hospital due to illness. I chose to
volunteer in this area, because I greatly enjoy working with kids. I
spent a year working at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus,
Ohio. My job was working the “Art Cart.” I brought art and crafts
to kids and often a great deal of time with each of them. It was a
wonderful opportunity for me to make the child’s day better, as
well as allow the parents to leave the room so they could get lunch
or take a break.

The greatest challenge I face while working there was not allowing myself to
become emotionally attached and learning to help children with
disabilities. Every illness and child is unique, meaning being a
support for them emotionally and being a friend had to be done in
different ways as well. I learned how to be supportive to parents
experiencing the stress of having a child in the hospital.

Volunteering with Nationwide was greatly satisfying, because I felt
that I was making a positive impact in a dark time for the children
and their families. I was satisfied helping others and giving them a
moment of joy. Helping children with arts and crafts served as a
distraction from their illness and allowed them to feel normal.
Working in a hospital has taught me to be grateful for everything I
have; and to not take health for granted. It has also shown me how to
bring hope and joy to bleak times.

I began volunteering in a hospital, because I wanted to become exposed to a
hospital environment as I aspire to become a physician. I hope to go
on medical missions and use medicine to help underserved people
internationally. I believe that the volunteer experience I gained at
Nationwide Children’s Hospital will help me bring as much hope and
joy as I possibly can to my future patients and families.

Now I longer volunteer with a hospital, I have begun volunteering in my local
community’s Buddy Ball Baseball league. The Grove City Dream Field,
is an organization that allows kids with disabilities play baseball.
My job is to be a buddy to the players. My responsibilities range
from encouraging the players, to helping them play the sport (pushing
their wheelchair, swinging the bat, etc.) I’ve only been
volunteering with them for a few weeks, but I look forward to
devoting my time to this wonderful program. Thank you for reading

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