Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Discovering your passion

Name: Briana Martin
From: Palm Springs, Fl
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started volunteering at Christ Fellowship in the children’s
ministry about a year and a half ago. I decided to start volunteering
at this church because I have a passion for teaching children about
Jesus and leading them to Christ. I volunteer every Sunday for about
two services which totals out to 4 hours a week. When I first started
volunteering, I started off as a Circle Host Leader for the first
grade table. My responsibilities included leading discussion at my
table, leading the activities at my table, and making sure my table
is a safe environment where the kids feel welcomed and want to come
back the following week. A year later, I was asked to move up in
leadership and become a service captain. My responsibilities as a
service captain include, checking kids in and out, making sure the
service is running smoothly, assisting circle host leaders when they
need help, creating a safe and fun environment for the children, and
most importantly sharing God’s love with the children. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer is the feeling that I am not qualified to do
the work that I am called to do. I do not think of myself as a leader
and when my leaders see that leader quality in me, I feel as if I am
not qualified to volunteer as a service captain. The thing that gives
me the most satisfaction as a volunteer is seeing kids who are having
a hard time one week come back the following week eager to learn,
worship, and have fun. I get so much satisfaction seeing how my kids
have changed throughout the time that I have known them. I have
learned from my volunteer position that in most cases we are never
really ready for anything. Sometimes you just have to jump right into
those scary, unknown situations and learn from your mistakes. My
career goals align up with my volunteer focus because I am striving
to be a teacher. By volunteering at this church, I am beginning to
see those qualities in myself that other people have been seeing in

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