Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Disney VoluntEARs

Name: Hayley Terberg
From: Laguna Niguel, Ca
Grade: Freshman
School: Colorado State University
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Forward Scholarship

1 March


I started
volunteering in the 7th grade when I joined the National Charity
League. NCL is a non-profit organization of mothers and
daughters serving their communities together. During the 6
years, I spent in the NCL I served 2 years on the board. 
year I put in about 30 hours of community service and monthly
meetings to discuss better ways to serve the community. NCL
offered a large range of ways to make a difference from helping in
soup kitchens, food pantry, 
hospitals, convalescent living, military/veterans
many more. This help me build connections in my community and
through these experiences I became socially aware how important it is
to make a contribution to society.

I think the
biggest challenge as a volunteer is making the time. In my NCL
years I was in high school and involved in the musical theater so
getting in my hours was difficult.
as college student who also works at Disneyland I still find it
challenging to balance my schedule and make time to serve my
am lucky enough to work for Disney who gives cast members the
opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities.

I was in
evolved in a project with Habit for Humanity. Ten special need homes
were built and decorated for military families coming back from war
paralyzed or injured severely.
a part of this project was life changing. 
day we cut the ribbons and watched the families tour their houses for
the first time,
a day I will never forget. There is so much that I have learned from
volunteer work.
life skills like leadership, compassion, team work, humility and the
list goes on.

In my
future, I will be working in a service driven industry. I am getting
my business degree in Hospitably Management. I hope to continue my
career at Disney. Working for Disney means 
be a part of something very special and bringing that to every guest.
I hope to continue as a Disney VoluntEAR and become part of the
Disney Wish program. The Disney wish program grants children
with life threatening medical conditions a Disney wish come true.

In 10,20,30
years from now I believe that my contribution will have made a
effort counts no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. I
hope that I have influenced others to volunteer by leading by
example. I once heard that a good example has twice the value of good

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