Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Everyone Has the Capability of Making An Impact

Name: Danielle Moesta
From: New Wilmington, PA
Grade: 11th Grade (12th Grade 2016-2017)
School: Wilmington Area High School
Votes: 0

is an act that I believe everyone should take part in. It is a great
way to help out others, and you can do so in many different ways. You
can help within your community, or you can help on a much larger
scale if you prefer to. Those who do not make an effort to volunteer
in some way because they believe that they do not have an impact on
the lives of others are so wrong. Everyone is capable of touching
someone’s life in a positive way. The different personalities,
qualities, and capabilities of each individual are beneficial in
volunteering. No matter who you are, you are able to help. The joy it
brings an individual to help someone, as well as the happiness it
brings the individual being helped, can be very fulfilling and

live within a small community in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. Even
though I live in a little town, there are many opportunities to
volunteer to help out. I participate in extracurricular activities
and try to focus on school aside from those activities, so it can be
difficult to find time to volunteer. Due to the little free time that
I have, I have been a member of the Charity Club at my school for my
entire high school career, and I am currently serving as vice
president this year. Although we only meet once a month during school
with the entire club, we do our best to participate in charitable
acts in between our official meetings. As vice president, I am
required to meet with the advisor of the club more than the club’s
regular members. In the past, I also have participated in the
Students Against Violence Everywhere Club (SAVE Club) and I have been
a member of Student Council for the past two years. Both of these
clubs have provided opportunities to help out people within our

year for Charity Club, we go on a field trip to the Women’s Crisis
Shelter that is nearest to us to plant flowers outside of the shelter
with the local gardening club. We pull all of the weeds, plant new
flowers, and lay new mulch down to make the area appear brighter and
to provide a happy, welcoming setting for the women and kids who
reside there. The women and children who live at the shelter live
there because they do not feel safe living on their own, somewhere
that they do not feel protected from whatever or whomever the
circumstances may apply to. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing
that you can brighten a person’s day by doing something that you
may enjoy doing anyhow. The actions that you may consider small and
nonbeneficial can mean the world to another individual.

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