Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – FIRE

Name: Francisco Diaz
From: Los Angeles , CA
Grade: 11th
School: Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy
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since I was a child, I wanted to become a firefighter when I got
older. It all began when I was about six years old and I heard fire
truck engines roaring up and down streets off to a scene. It would
catch my attention and make me realize I would like to be the one
driving while honking and having the sirens on. I have two older
cousins in the San Francisco Fire Department, one day when they
visited me, and put an entire firefighter turnout jacket with boots
and an air tank, which fit me big, but I felt as if I was one of
them. furthermore when I heard that there was a program for people
interested in becoming firefighters, I took advantage of the
opportunity quickly. I learned how to develop leadership and
discipline from the Los Angeles Metro Fire Academy. I am now one step
closer to pursuing my dream job. Waking up early for eight weeks
really payed off. I took this opportunity serious because I knew it
would be beneficial to my career. I now understand several procedures
and requirements on how to set up a supply line with a reducer to a
common fire hose line used for the common fires, I have knowledge
that I will eventually be using when I’m a firefighter. It was an
educational opportunity that will help me reach my dream job.

I continued to work hard in the academy, I was able to interact with
many firefighters, captains, and a chief. I learned by being
attentive and constantly asking questions. Whenever they’d give us
time to ask questions, I’d take advantage because every answer gave
me more knowledge, “how many gallons of water does an engine hold?”
After my class, My mother would notice that i was having a great
day. I’d be tired, but excited to tell her about the things I
learned.The knowledge I was gaining was a pre-training of things I
could use in the long run. Mr. Chief McKnight would have talks with
the rookie class specifying who participates in the academy have
sacrificed eight Saturday’s to wake up early, workout and cooperate
with a team of unknown students and get to lay a line with them or
load up hose line as if we were in a actual situation. I was able to
make great friends and learn a lot with them. We would all put in our
part in whichever assignment we were assigned, teamwork.

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