Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Flying High

Name: Zachary Davis
From: Rockport, Maine
Grade: 12
School: Camden Hills Regional High School
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Forward Scholarship Letter


chose to volunteer at a local transportation museum for weekend
events; as my mother had worked there and introduced me to the museum
and their volunteering opportunities. Before school started during he
summer months, I worked most events on weekends. I usually worked one
day for ten hours, and over 70 hours total of the event season. I
worked membership registration. The biggest challenge was manning
registration in the afternoons, as the rush of event-goers had passed
and it consisted mostly of sitting. Being able to represent the
museum and the dream of it’s founders gives me pleasure and pride.
Putting on events for the community can only improve the quality and
fellowship of it’s people. I’ve not only learned skills to do the
job, but raised the quality of my communication and problem solving
skills, along with working under pressure and improving confidence.
It’s amazing to think as a youth, I can apply what I know into the
real, mature world and change my perspectives from school life to
follow independent, personal interests. Since the age of three, I
have always adored planes and been mesmerized by the idea of flight,
so when I came across opportunities to volunteer at a museum full of
them, I was sold. Unfortunately, my college and career interests
don’t involve museums, but the ideas of constantly improving and
making my community better is something I can carry with me forever.
“Forward looking” to me is changing perspectives, liked
mentioned above. This places priorities and care into building my
future and shapes the legacy I leave behind in this world.
Personally, I would like to leave the world with peace; an idea
seemed to be fading as the 21st century grows older. Too much effort
is waisted on irrelevant, selfish, personal desires, rather than
contributing to the existence of a healthy global community; and
peace is started at the youth level. What you grow up with sticks
with you. Coming back after years of leave to try an quantify and
qualify change can only be determined at that time. Life is
unpredictable, and only God has knowledge of the change of this
world. You can only hope, and continue to be the best version of you
all the time.

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