Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Footprints on our hearts

Name: Madison Allen
From: Arab, AL
Grade: 11th
School: Arab High School
Votes: 0

best friend and I volunteered at a local animal shelter for an FCCLA
project and we decided to choose animal shelters because of our
strong love for animals and we wanted to show animals there truly are
people who care about their well being. We volunteered for the course
of a year, about 5 hours every other week. We raised over $1,000 to
donate supplies to three local shelters and spent a lot of our time
at one shelter volunteering. Our biggest responsibilities were taking
care of the animals. We had to make sure they were being walked and
trained properly. It was difficult at times but each time we saw a
dog being adopted into a good home we knew what we were doing was
worth it all. It always made our day leaving the shelter seeing other
dogs leaving, or seeing on social media that some of the dogs we
worked with were in a loving home. It was always hard letting go of a
dog, but knowing they were going into a loving home was the greatest
feeling. The hardest times were hearing of one of our favorite dogs
being euthanatized. We know that they were in better places than a
cold shelter floor. I’ve learned how to be responsible and care for
all animals as if they were apart of my own family. My career goals
at the time were to become a Veterinarian but I have switched to
going into Pediatric Oncology Nursing. My love for animals is
something I have always had and something I will never lose. I have
animals and leaving for college will be so hard. I hope to find local
shelters and ways to volunteer when I get to college. Forward looking
to me means a future for the animals I helped save. I hope to change
the idea that certain breeds of animals aren’t bad, it’s the people
who make them bad. I know the love and joy animals bring to families
and I want everyone to know the love. I believe without an animal in
your home it isn’t complete, and I believe everyone needs to feel the
love they bring. I believe the difference I made in our shelters will
have lasting impacts. With the supplies donated and dogs lives that
were changed the short time spent with them. We made them feel the
love they deserve the short time they were in the shelter before
going to their forever homes or having to be euthanized. We couldn’t
save all the animals, but big differences were made in the lives we
touched and the lives that touched ours.

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