Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Freedom is Not Free

Name: Hunter See
From: Friendswood, TX
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Last year I
volunteered with the Wreaths Across America organization and placed
Christmas Wreaths on military veterans graves. I registered with the
organization online and went out to the Grandview Memorial Cemetery
to place the wreaths on their headstones. When I placed the wreath on
the grave, I said the name of the soldier to pay my respects for
their service and remember their life. They say a soldier dies two
deaths, one is their actual passing and the other is when their name
is forgotten and never spoken again. I believe it is important to
give back to those who have sacrificed so many things in their lives
to be able to protect my freedom. It is a debt I can never repay, but
can volunteer to decorate their graves to show my gratitude for their
sacrifice. Last year was the first year this event took place in my
community and I plan on volunteering again this year. Hopefully, I
will be able to enlist the help of my swim team to help and raise
money to buy more wreaths to place on graves. Unfortunately, not
enough wreaths were donated last year and I will do my best to raise
more money to be able to place one wreath on every grave in the
military veteran’s section of Grandview. The hardest part of
volunteering is putting selfish needs to the side and stepping up to
help. For example, I had to wake up early on a Saturday to go help,
when it would have been much easier to just stay in bed. That is what
makes volunteering so worth it. It teaches you to put other people
first. For teenagers, this can be hard, but I believe it is worth it
and I felt I was an important part of society when I volunteered for
Wreaths Across America.

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