Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The future

Name: Aaron Lopez
From: Culver City, CA
Grade: 12th grade
School: Animo Venice Charter HighSchool
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Readiness: Period 7



main goal is to go to college and pursue a career in nursing. My
personality consists of caring and helping others so I feel this
career will suit me perfectly. Throughout the years of going to the
doctor or hospital for my annual check ups, I experienced comfort and
kindness that I received from the registered nurses really and that
influenced me in wanting to become someone like that. To help others
and make them feel the same way I did when I visited the doctors.

into college I would like to enter the nursing program at CSU Eastbay
and build my career from there. At the end of my four years I would
love to receive my bachelor’s in science in nursing. I strongly
believe I am capable of accomplishing this goal because it’s
something I actually want to do, and not something I am forced to do.
I believe this is something I was destined to do. After college I
have family members that can help me find a job in the nursing
department, after all my aunt is a pediatrician at the UCLA Hospital.
I would first like to start at a nursing internship and not get paid
to gain experience and confidence in my career. For me it’s not
about the money but to help others and give back to my community.
Then, after I’ve gained my experience I would like to move on to an
actual job in nursing and fulfill my long time dream in becoming a
registered nurse.

is all to give back to my community but also the hard work that my
parents had to go through in order for me to get at that position. I
would like them to be proud of raising a son with ambitions and
dreams, and them to be able to see that I did indeed accomplish those
dreams. I want them to see the type of kind, and generous son they
raised. At the end of the day I will not only be making me and my
family happy, but I will be putting smiles and that sense of comfort
upon others with the career I would want to pursue. Nursing. (369)

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