Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Give As Much As You Can, Even With What Little That You Have

Name: Kourtney Tyler Sperko
From: Bradenton, Florida
Grade: 11th
School: Manatee High School
Votes: 0

Is it the sparkle in the kind eyes I meet, or maybe it’s the crack of
a genuine smile that I tend to witness from time to time, or even
perhaps being able to physically see the deadly weight being lifted
from struggling shoulder’s. These three reasons, along with a
lengthened list following, are exactly why I do what I do. Which is,
volunteering. I am proudly and humbly able to say that I have
contributed around 120 volunteer hours within my high school career.
From interacting with young children to feeding the homeless, my
service club has done its absolute best to attempt it all.

Of course being a helping contributor towards the community may not
be every persons top priority in life but I certainly make it mine.
Coming from a family that doesn’t have much to offer besides hands
and an encouraging word here and there, I have struggled but boldly
provided as much I can working with the little that I have to offer.
I’ll find myself in over my head at times but when I am either
interacting with little kids at an elementary school function,
conversing with the homeless, or raising money and being a
contributing participant in relay for life for breast cancer
awareness, for a split moment, I as well as the person I am
interacting with are fortunately able to forget about life and the
chaos that comes along with it.

No matter what, there are people that I occasionally run into that
may not be as appreciative as others. Some might even choose to
cheat those who are providing them a helping hand but at the end of
the day I am able to look around realize how rich I truly am.
Certainly not with materialistic things but I am rich with my good
health, my loving and supportive family, as well as my opportunity
for furthering education. Volunteering has helped me realize all of
my good riches and has become the foundation for my motivation to
help others see and maybe even receive similar riches too in life.

All in all, I find myself lucky enough to be able to meet and
interact with others. Sometimes a new face and an optimistic heart is
just the refresher people need in their life to continue on. I may
not have played a vital role in many people’s lives but I sure do
aspire to touch as many people’s heart as I can throughout my
mission. I believe that volunteering provides a great and inspiring
example to others that it is okay to seek help and that it is
important to provide assistance as well. We all need each other in
this world to lean on. No one can do life alone.

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