Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Giving up Your Time Makes all the Difference

Name: Khalin Sealy
From: Richmond, Virginia
Grade: Junior
School: James River High school
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Up Your Time Makes all the Difference

I used to sing in a choir all around the world, ¨ said the elderly
woman.¨ I used to sing in a choir all around the world, ¨ repeated
the elderly woman. I couldn’t help but smile at the itty bitty
fragile woman sitting before me.  I could see the individual
creases around her eyes as she smiled deeply. She made sure to tell
me that she was in a choir back in her young days numerous times. The
repeating of phrases and stories didn’t phase me since I was visiting
the Alzheimer’s unit. ¨ I used to play the clarinet back in the
day and was known as the best, ¨ said the cute little woman. She was
adorable; she had a button nose, rosy cheeks, and short brown hair.
Everytime she reminisced about her past her face lit up with
happiness and once she started talking, there was no stopping. I
could tell that when I would engage in a conversation with her she
would become so passionate about the arts and music she played a part
in. I learned that she played many instruments, the clarinet being
her favorite, sang her little heart out any chance she could get, and
traveled the world. I could truly see some of myself in her because
singing is my passion and who doesn’t love a great adventure? The
amount of satisfaction I received just from talking to her and the
other residents was immense. Special moments like these impacted how
I am as a person, my role as a leader in situations, and the way I
strive to carry myself.

was given the opportunity to direct and help execute activities
successfully to provide the elders with eventful and action packed
days. I offered my time to participate in strength building
activities with the elders and had to step up as a leader in order to
execute the planned activities well. There were many moments when I
had to improvise and change the activities that were planned to adapt
to situations that arose, yet still leave the elders happy. I
could see the difference I made when I took the time out of my busy
schedule to talk to them and listen to their stories. Numerous young
people are always busy and fail to take the time for those who came
before us which is why I take time to stop and give my full attention
to the elderly. I wanted them to know just how special they were and
how much they meant to me. Their smiles grew big when I sat down and
communicated with them and it truly made my heart flutter.  

amazes me how much the elderly people at morningside impact me
without even realizing it. Hearing their stories, laughs, challenges,
witty humor inspires me to live my life in the best way that I can.
They put a smile on my face and give me different perspectives to
think about when they talk about different current events. It can
sometimes be challenging watching the elderly struggle with doing
everyday things or their memory. During those moments I can’t help
but feel sorrowful, but I know that by me spending time with them,
I’m making a difference. I feel like as humans learn from each
other and are influenced in the decisions and choices we make and
when one person strives to make the environment around them better,
then it impacts others and fills them with a sense of pride and

can truly say that spending time with the elderly has impacted me as
a person and only makes me strive even more to continue to make
others happy and be successful in everything I work hard in. Within
my career, I will be given tasks with needed resolutions that will
affect the people within the world. If I go into the media aspect I
will have to connect with my audience and inform them on situations
that could impact their lives. This field will require me to
challenge myself and view things through different perspectives of
people. Within my college career and years to follow, I will be in
the position where I am continuously helping others whether it be
informing or resolving conflicts, and I honestly look forward to
being able to reach that goal. Regardless of the hardships or
experiences within our everyday lives, there is always room for
improvement, growth, and the ability to help others. . I have
obtained a great amount of knowledge in being a role model,
responsibility for others, and executing new ideas that will stick
with me for a lifetime and only make me successful in the future. I
honestly am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to share my
experiences and help others during my volunteering services at the
assisted living facility. It was an experience that I can say has
shaped me into a better individual today and will continue to have an
impact in my character as I transition into my college career.

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