Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – In Good Company

Name: Danielle Beaulieu
From: READING, Massachusetts
Grade: High School Senior 2016-2017
School: Reading Memorial High School
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Good Company”

of my interest in medicine, I chose to do volunteer work at a local
hospital. For the past school year, I have spent a couple of hours
every Wednesday afternoon keeping patients company. I circulate from
room to room while bringing patients water, tissues, books, and
anything else they ask for that I am able to provide. Mostly, I check
in on them, spend a few hours visiting each week, and just keep them
company because no one likes to be alone in the hospital. Some
patients have family members that visit often, but surprisingly, a
lot of them do not because they are elderly. That is a sad
realization, but it always seems like the younger patients have more
family members around. Although one of the toughest challenges of
being a hospital volunteer is wanting to provide more than I can for
those who are sick, such as medical attention and time, I do my best
and try to spend a few minutes with everyone. I listen to the
stories they tell about themselves, and tell them about myself
whenever they ask which they often do. I try to get to know them as
much as I can, but two hours goes by quickly and before I know it,
I’m pulling out of the hospital parking lot. My greatest
satisfaction when I leave the hospital every Wednesday is knowing
that I lifted the spirits of a few people, even if it was for only a
few minutes. It feels good to be able to help people even if it only
comes in the form of a small act of kindness. I’ve learned that
while doctors and nurses do a tremendous amount of work in caring for
their sick patients, they do not always have the time to listen to a
story or tell one to people who are in need of a little comfort.

earliest memory of wanting to become a doctor was during the second
grade science fair.  My real desire to care for people’s
health, however, comes more from personal loss than anything else.
 Having seen my grandfather pass away from cancer and my cousin
with Down Syndrome die too young, I have observed first-hand the
impact that medicine and medical professionals have on people during
the most vulnerable of times.  It’s with the recent “loss”
of my grandmother due to Alzheimer’s, though, that my commitment to
pursuing a career in medicine has been strengthened.  My
interest in becoming a nurse is about playing a role in the field of
medicine and about helping people who need it most. “Forward
looking” to me, means looking forward to a career and future in
medicine that will benefit those around me. If I were to come back
from the future several years from now, I would think that my
volunteering efforts have made a difference. Even if it only impacted
one person, I would count that as making a difference. If I only
affect one life in a positive way, it was worth every minute spent.
Brightening someone’s day is always making difference.

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