Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Heart

Name: Orieta Esparza
From: Joliet, Illinois
Grade: Junior
Votes: 0



I volunteered 50 community service hours at the Heart Organization.
This program helps youth that are at risk. I also volunteered 10
community service hours for the Freshman Class Committee by packing
lunches for the homeless, cleaning graveyards and planning a 5k run.
I attended the Heart Organization for three days a week for six
weeks. At the Heart Organization, I was responsible for making sure
that every child ranging from twelve to seventeen years of age was
dressed in the proper attire, had the supplies needed and most
importantly making sure that they had all the advice and shoulder to
lean on. This program challenged my own personal characters, my
biggest challenge was working with the children that saw no future
for themselves, when I met those children it broke my heart to know
that they had no future goals set and did not notice the potential
they had. These children were typically also the hardest to work
with. Although these children were usually very hard headed, and did
not feel the need to listen to anybody, they turned out to give me
the most satisfaction as a volunteer. As the program went forward, I
was able to connect with these children. By connecting with them,
they began to trust me and allowed me to give them a reason to love
life. I was able to reach them far from a point that their parents
could reach them; I helped them see the great in themselves and show
them that life does not have to be the way that they pictured it to
be. I gave them hope, and that was more than enough satisfaction to
me. This volunteering position helped me learn a lot of myself as
well, I gained more respect, manners, and love and care for others. I
learned to never judge someone from the outside in, always look from
the inside out. This volunteering experience aligned with my career
focus because I plan to major in Social Work, by being able to have
this experience, I learned that it takes time to understand a child
and I learned that everybody needs a helping hand; Social Work
tackles these understanding, patience and listening skills that I had
to learn. Looking towards the future, I see my activities as forward
looking because the obstacles that I had to overcome in order to help
others overcome their obstacles showed a lot of ambition and to me
forward looking stands for nothing other than ambition, bold, and
progressive. I seek to change the work by helping others, by being
that walking hand down their bumpy road. If I was to come back in
ten, twenty, or thirsty years I do believe that my volunteer
activities made a difference because those hardheaded children that I
helped will now be successful, well-educated individuals. As far as
my Freshman Class Committee volunteerism goes, I learned many ways to
help the people in our society, homeless or not.

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