Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – A Helping Hand

Name: Brandon Bell
From: Sunrise, Florida
Grade: 11
School: J.P. Taravella High School
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Helping Hand

Currently I volunteer at my
local church every Sunday, to help record the service for online
viewers who may not be able to make it to chapel every weekend or for
those who are interested in joining our ministry one day. Now,
although this may sound unexciting to most people, this initiative
has changed me as a person in ways that I could have never imagined.
When I first took this responsibility into my hands, I was a freshman
in high school. At this age of around 14, I was not quite
enthusiastic about the job and thought that it would become very
tedious at the least. At the same time, the feeling of helping
others, rather than myself, became to overcome me and I felt joy.
The task itself was not very difficult once I got the hang of it,
within the first month or so. Every Sunday I walk into church and go
straight to the pastor’s office where all my supplies for my duty
is needed, then I take everything to the back of the church to where
all the electronical outlets are located and that’s where I get to
work. I begin by slowly placing the camera on top of the tripod and
screwing the required bolts in place to make sure the camera is
locked in place, next I pull out the legs on the tripod and lock
those in place as well, to where the setup is almost looking like a
monumental spider. Lastly, I plug in some more cables that are also
essential to audio of the whole service. This repetitive process
takes me a quick 15 minutes in total. I’ve indulged myself in the
activity so much that I have also became in love with it as well. It
takes about 35 minutes to record the children’s sermon along with
the pastor’s sermon for the day. The pride I had for volunteering
did not hit me until the summer of last year. A new person was at
the service for the first time and was looking for me specifically.
He mentioned to me about how every Sunday he watched the recorded
sermons with his wife who was sick and it brought them unbearable joy
throughout their week. This is when I then realized why I loved
volunteering for my church so much, simply for the fact that I liked
bringing joy to those in need, and that a young man like me, now a
recent graduate of J.P. Taravella High School, can make a big
difference by solely holding a camera and pressing play.

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