Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Helping Hand

Name: Trinity Paige Wilson
From: Rochester , New York
Grade: 11 (12th Grade this year in 2016-2017)
School: Churchville Chili Senior High
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Throughout my high school career I have been a volunteer in copious
environments like my local library, local church and homeless center.
I’ve started my volunteering at my local library in the autumn of
2014. Our volunteer group consists of children between the ages of
nine through seventeen. During our one hour and thirty minute
sessions, we make vibrant trinkets like bookmarks, sock bunnies/sock
snowmen stuffed with rice, orange and black paper bats. Most of our
projects end up scattered across the library; on check out desks,
bookshelves, and study tables. I’d like to think that making these
items gives the library character, a warm pleasant atmosphere,
welcoming each and every visitor entering the library. Some of the
crafts are also given to nursing homes, presented as gifts for the
senior citizens. The group itself gives you aspiring characteristics,
like leadership and teamwork which helps diverse your application for

This past year I
started to volunteer at my local church, my involvement with the
church varies. My second objective was attending a Food Pantry, where
I packaged bags full of rice, cereal bars, peanut butter, canned
fruit cups, jars of pasta sauce, boxes of mac and cheese. We bundle
these boxes with the addition of clothes, and a hearty loaf of bread
to individuals in need. This really opened my eyes because it made
realize how blessed I was. To see that not everyone has the
opportunity to get a warm meal every day. Believe it or not, many
people don’t get that treatment and I hope that providing them with
the help they need will brighten their day. In November of 2016, I
volunteered at my local church again and was involved in Feed My
Starving Children
, where we packed special bags called ‘’Mama
Pack Rice’’
, which contains rice soybean protein, dried
vegetables, and powdered flavoring that are sent to children in
malnourished countries. One of my favorite opportunities of being a
volunteer was participating in Fa La La, where I handed out hot
chocolate to visitors who went inside for service and the Christmas
Family Village.

My biggest
challenge to being a volunteer is simply finding the time. My senior
year has literally blew past me and I’ve been cluttered with school
work, graduation preparation. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be
able to touch the lives that aren’t just in my community, expanding
to worldwide status. Futuristically, I tend to think that my presence
as a volunteer could be beneficial to many, inspiring more people to
band together to stop the epidemic of hunger and homelessness. The
meaning forward looking means to me that you can’t stop here, you
may not effect this person but you could affect next the person
completely transforming their life. Leaving your footprint on the
world by spreading kindness and awareness can be an example for
upcoming generations to follow in your footsteps.

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