Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Helping the Community

Name: David Soto
From: San Jose, CA
Grade: 12
School: KIPP San Jose Collegiate
Votes: 0

The area I chose to volunteer in is to help the community. At first, I was put in a
community organization that my dad was a part of. He made my siblings
and I help out during events the organization had. Ever since then, I
was a part of the organization. I also volunteered at my current high
school over the past two summers. I was too young to apply for a job
so I decided to volunteered and help out the teachers and staff

The amount of time I volunteered for the organization was four hours every month.
They held community meetings for people in the neighborhood could
attend and be informed of certain problems and what is coming in the
near future. I was part of cleaning up the neighborhood streets more
often than the meetings. The amount of time I volunteered at my
school is more. I went almost everyday for over a month over the
summer and spend around four to six hours each day.

The responsibilities I had with the organization was basically help the
rest of the group to clean up the streets we were assigned to. After,
we had to take the bags of garbage collected from the streets to a
destination where they can be picked up or someone drives around the
neighborhoods to picked them up as we go on. At my school, I had many
responsibilities. I had to move classroom sets of textbooks to
different classrooms. I also had to assigned the textbooks to the
correct students. I, as well as the help of other people there,
helped teachers with small projects they wanted to have completed, or
they wanted something removed from their classroom. I helped the
office staff with filing papers and restocking cabinets. I was in
charge of reorganizing the uniform shed and distributing them when
orders were being claimed. I helped move student desk all around the

The biggest challenge I had as a volunteered was timing and pacing myself. There
was not enough time to complete the task as time was not on my side.
I had to work faster, but at the same time I want to do quality work.
The most satisfaction I had was knowing that I was helping people in
general. Making the streets clean make the neighborhood look better.
Knowing that I had taken off stress from teachers in the school so
they have more time to plan out the school year makes me feel like I
use my time productively. My desired career does not aligned with
helping the community, but it was a good experience for me.
Eventually people will see us cleaning the streets, and make them
want to help clean up, creating a cycle for people to help out the
community. “Forward looking” means to improve something to become
better and more useful. I want to see people putting effort in
improving their communities in the future.

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