Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Helping those in need and one step closer to answer our question.

Name: Jared Noel Moore
From: Brooklyn, NY
Grade: 12
School: New Utrecht High School
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Service Experience


Jared Moore

The hardest part in this outstanding experience was to find a place to do
my community service. Even when the teacher provided us the website
to find the place to provide your service, it was still difficult. So
I decided to look for libraries because it’s a place of
tranquility. I found a library that was somewhat close to my house,
so I went inside and asked if I could attend here to provide my
service. I had to fill out a paperwork which I had to write my email
and phone number. A few days later, I received an email stating that
I should go to the Brooklyn Library for a meeting at a specific time.

In the meeting we had to state our name and say two facts about yourself
and one lie which the people in the room had to guess of which you
said was a lie. I said I can squat three hundred, I am Dominican, and
I love trigonometry. After that we discussed the rules and
regulations they had in the library. Then before you can do anything,
you must ask your supervisor for permission. Basically my job was to
help kids between the grades one-eighth with their homework. I am not
allowed to do their homework, only to assist them in need of
assistance. One example they gave us was, “A patron is sitting at
the table next to you playing music loudly. You…”? In this
situation we will have to tell a public safety officer or the library
staff. Then after the quiz we had which showed if you listened, we
had to choose a library to volunteer at and I chose Coney Island
library. They asked me when do I want to start working. I told them
that I would like to start next week and they said ok.

Next week goes by and I am nervous because it was my first day. My hands
were shaky and I was constantly pacing around. Once I entered the
library, the nice workers introduced me to almost everyone and they
let me choose of where I would like to sit and I chose the second
floor because it seemed quieter there. If anyone needed help with
homework, I would have been there for three hours. I even had this
homework helper kit which had everything I needed to help a student.
There was practically everything you needed for school was in this
box which came in handy many times. I remember when a child came up
to me and he wanted to learn how to play cards. So I looked through
the box and I found a deck of cards and taught him the basics of the
card. Then I decided to teach him Chinese poker and he learned
extremely quick and he was good at it. I loved the feeling of
teaching a person something new. It was an exquisite and unique
experience because of all the loving and caring people that were
there. I don’t think my experience I had there could have been any
better than it is and honestly I would volunteer there again if given
the chance.

Even though I taught many students something new, from this experience I
have been taught something new about myself as well. I found out that
I really enjoy reading books. As well as learning to plan things out
so I can make the best out of the time I have. This has helped me to
become a better person and helped me academically. I hope that I made
a difference through the work I chose because it made a difference in

When I was arrogant, I believed that Community service was a waste of
precious time. Then I learned that there is more than that. I never
thought that I will be learning something new about myself in this
amazing experience. It is extremely important because it connects you
to help out your community especially when the help is greatly
needed. It should be required because it will make you into a better
person only if you put the time and effort into it.

I know understand why the school wanted us to complete our community
service. It was hard to understand why it was necessary, but it all
makes sense. It can truly change who you are as a person for the
better. I am pretty sure I will not be doing as good if I hadn’t
attending that Community service location. Thus it is clear that
Community service is not only just to help the community, it’s also
to help yourself.

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