Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Helping Out

Name: Kendall Rain Earle
From: Missoula, Montana
Grade: Freshman
School: Big Sky High School
Votes: 0


in the world is experiencing a rough time. Whether it be a problem
with work, family, school or something on the complete other end of
the spectrum such as housing or hunger. At the end of the day, we’re
all people. We as a community can do a lot to help others, in big and
small ways. One of the best ways to help out and give back to the
community is community service. Volunteering can let people in need
of help know that there are others willing to come through and give
them the resources they need.

me personally, this idea of volunteering and giving back to the
community has been a big idea my entire life. Not only did I want to,
but I absolutely enjoyed it! I have gotten the chance to volunteer
for about 20 hours a year at a rescue mission in my home town. I
chose to volunteer here because so many people in my community were
struggling. What was better than to help out by serving some food,
giving out warm clothes and knowing the people I serve will be able
to sleep peacefully? The biggest challenge of being a volunteer was
keeping up with the line that kept flowing in, but it was one of the
best challenges you could possibly come across! Better than that, it
was always satisfying knowing you were helping others during a hard
time in their lives. With every minute I have been able to spend at
the rescue mission helped give me a new perspective on the everyday
people I work with, talk too and walk past.

once have I volunteered because I “had too”. Volunteering has
always been an enjoyable activity for me to be apart of on my own
time or with friends and family. The experience that I have gained
will forever impact my future do to the change of mind it caused for
me. I now look at everything with an open mind.The way I see forward
looking is that it means constantly wanting to do better and be
better than the day before. The activities that I participate in are
forward looking because they’re always creating some kind of good
in another person’s life. Making others happy makes me feel like
I’m doing better than the day before. The change I would like to
create in the world through volunteering is letting people know that
there are others out there willing and wanting to help. I feel that
my volunteer hours have already made a difference and will continue
to by keeping people in the community on their feet.

the end of the day, theres no bad that comes from volunteering.
Whether it was a great day or another hard one, we all want someone
to be there for us. Volunteering is one of those great ways to get
out there and help. Everyone should try volunteering at least once in
their life!

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