Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – How Did Anime Change My Life

Name: Weiqi Wu
From: Brooklyn, NY
Grade: 11
School: New Utrecht High School
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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”- Mark Twain

I am the type of person that either doesn’t do it or go all out.
The hardest part of doing anything to me is to start doing it. I
need the motivation to do any long-term work or something that needs
perseverance, like homework and exercise. People can be divided into
two groups; people who need motivation and people who don’t, or
maybe all people need motivation. People are familiar with the
cartoon, tv shows, or other media, but they may think these things
don’t have much effect in their life. The biggest influence in my
life besides my family is anime, and it is always been my spiritual
support and biggest motivation as well. Anime could be meaningless in
the eyes of other people, but it certainly is a part of myself that
can not be replaced.

In my case, anime always changes the way I act, think, wear. Each
anime has its own change in my life, and together these changes
represent a significant part of my growth since childhood. Words that
exist in anime like “you will be stronger when there is someone you
want to protect” are very touching. Everyone has someone he/she
admires, and to me, certain protagonists in anime are the ones who I
always admire. Some of them are cool in the way they dress and/or
talk, which motivates me to act like the way they are. Some
characters are created to be very realistic in the way they think and
act compare to our life. In addition, some characters have the same
personality just as I do, which I can find intimacy in them that I
cannot find in real life. Not only that, some characters have given
me the courage to face many challenges. Whenever I encounter with
difficulties, I always think of the protagonists’ words and turn
them into determination.
At that moment, I have the feeling that I can do anything, which
nothing but anime can give me that feeling.

Finding something that you will always like is actually much harder
than you think. There is a Chinese saying called 3-minute passion,
which one’s passion doesn’t last long. I have found myself
enjoying in the world of anime instead of the everyday life that gets
repeated again and again. This is not an escape from reality, but
because of the existence of anime, I am able to face the problems
that I face every day. I try to seek reality in anime, and I always
want to dive into a different world when I wake up the next day. This
may sound childish to most people, but who knows what will happen
tomorrow? If you think that this is where you are and will be in for
the rest of your life, then you are just locking yourself up in a
small box. Due to constant exposure to anime, I can understand what
do most Japanese characters means unconsciously. I have decided to
study abroad when I go to college, and the country is Japan indeed. I
want to experience life in the mother country of anime and see what I
will accomplish.

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