Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – How Volunteering has Shaped my Career Choice

Name: Cassandra Wickman
From: Vestal, New York
Grade: 11th
School: Vestal Senior High School
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am planning on attending Roberts Wesleyan College and studying
Elementary Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages (TESOL). After college I am planning on becoming an
elementary school teacher. Teaching is a career that does a great
service to children and future generations. By becoming a teacher it
will give me the opportunity to bring out the best in the next

a teacher will let me influence future generations in a positive
manner. It will let me increase the student’s knowledge both in
school and life. I hope to bring out the best in my future students
so they can be confident and have the skills and drive to be
successful at whatever they do. I hope to help the students realize
their dreams and help them to the best of my ability to achieve them.
This scholarship will be beneficial to me because it will help me
achieve my dream of going to Roberts Wesleyan College to study
Elementary Education and TESOL.

since I have been in second grade I have been volunteering in my
church. I have been leading children in worship weekly and monthly on
stage in front of sometimes hundreds of people. It has always been
one of my favorite things to do for the past 11 years. By seeing the
impact I have had on all the kids in my church it has been very
rewarding and I never imagined I would have this kind of impact. By
leading the kids in worship I have gotten to inspire some of them to
actually join the worship team and lead kids in worship weekly. Even
though I plan on going to college out of town I still wish to help
out in my local church when I come home on breaks and after college.
By helping with children in my church it has made me want to continue
to help children and become a teacher. Ultimately it has shown me
that I both greatly enjoy helping others and love to work with
children. Leading me to the path of teaching and my dream to become a

with helping at my church I have been going into a second grade
classroom every day for a class called Elementary Education. I get to
go into a classroom and help the teacher and the kids with their
work. I have been getting actual experience in a class and it has
been my favorite part of day. While in the classroom I help grade
papers, read to the kids, help them with their writing, and help them
with their word studies. Some people when they go into the classroom
get turned off by the work and the environment, however when I go it
makes me want to be a teacher more and be able to help students.

look forward to becoming a teacher and influencing the next
generation in a positive way. It will give me an opportunity to bring
the best out of the students, helping me to become a service to
others in the community.

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