Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Hunger in America

Name: Madison Dowdy
From: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Grade: 11
School: Southwestern Assemblies of God University
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Hunger in America

I will be attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University in
Waxahachie, Texas, I have researched a nearby organization called
North Texas Food Bank located in Dallas, Texas where I may volunteer
my services to. I have volunteered with my church during several
community missions to give groceries to my surrounding community. We
have set up tables where we give groceries to the inhabitants of
several low income apartment complexes in my home town of Fort Smith,
Arkansas. I am hoping to accompany my church to Haiti this summer to
continue to give back to their community after all of the devastation
they have encountered.

are many starving families and children all over the United States.
Having food banks are important for the distribution of donated
grocery items for these families. Poverty and food insecurity are two
different things. Poverty is only a part of food insecurity in
families. In 2015, “42.2 million Americans lived in food insecure
households, including 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million
children”(Feeding American, 2017). While Arkansas’ food
insecurity rate is 19.2%, Texas is 15.4% and both states are in the
top twelve states that represent considerable higher rates for food
insecure households.

large portion of these food insecure Americans are teens. Teens are
more likely to feel a negative stigma from being food insecure and
want to hide their hunger. I personally have had situations where I
wasn’t sure when my next meal may come and know the importance of
having organizations like the North Texas Food Bank as a resource.
While many teens would love to have employment to pay for their own
food, it is difficult to juggle school and sufficient employment to
do so. I continue to struggle to find employment that would allow me
to be completely self-sufficient.

is important to give back to the community in any way you can. There
are hundreds of reasons to become a volunteer and give back. The
positive mental results from helping others can greatly assist in
stress relief and many other health issues. Volunteering gives you
important qualities in leadership and can assist you in shaping the
world around you. Giving back to your community gives you the
opportunity to share your knowledge with people and become a positive
influence on those around you. Another great reason is the ability to
network with individuals that can assist you in your future

me personally, giving back to the community is important because of
my personal beliefs. I am committed to a life of service to God and
to others in any way that I can. My ambition is to become a worship
leader and that will involve many opportunities for community
service. Giving back allows me to be humble, to show compassion, and
generally be a good person.

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