Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Importance of Volunteering

Name: Aparna Mangadu
From: EL PASO, Texas
Grade: 10th
School: Montwood High School
Votes: 0

is an essential activity that allows individuals to expand their
communication and working skills. It also provides the opportunity to
learn more about the needs and problems in the community that
surrounds them. For me personally, I choose to work with the less
fortunate which include animal shelters and centers for anyone who
faces violence or threats within their own home. I believe that
assisting in these types of activities allows me to further
understand what the future of my own community looks like and how I
can help to make it brighter. I volunteer at these shelters about
every weekend for one hour each day. If I am on break, then I will
work for longer hours and for more days. The biggest challenge that I
have faced as a volunteer is coming up with ideas that will better
the less fortunate of the association that I choose to go to. This is
sometimes a long and difficult task as there is always more to be
done. As for the thing that has given me the most satisfaction, I
would say that it would be when I was able to collect over 400 canned
goods simply from asking for donations rather than gifts for my
birthday. I have been greatly affected from my volunteer work and
have learned that helping the community has numerous benefits to
yourself and others around you.

types of activities can be considered
looking” as the community will be in better shape due to the
volunteer work. Forward looking is considering the effects that
anything you do will have on the future. For the change that will
come out of my volunteer activities, I hope to have more no kill
animal shelters in my area. By providing support to these centers,
they will be able to stay standing for much longer. Lastly, if I were
to some back in ten years I do truly believe that my volunteer
activities would have made a difference because the less fortunate
will be able to have a fresh start, and the people who face violence
will finally be safe and free.

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