Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – It jus isn’t working when hanging out with friends

Name: James Elias saling
From: Rancho Cordova, CA
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Volunteer work
is so enriching and fulfilling. So working with disabled and
autistic adults is really not my way of reference to it. I won’t call
it working with for I prefer to call it hanging out with autistic and
disabled adults.

I chose to volunteer
in the realm of this from how it has affected my life personally.
When I was 14 my brother 20 was in a violent car accident and nearly
lost his life. He was confined to a wheelchair ever since.

I try to make as
much time available as I can for the volunteer thing but with 12
units and a 30 hour a week job at times it becomes hard to do .

When I am with the
group we do activities and play games and so forth making the
disabled ones really feel empowered is the goal and with the autistic
ones we try to keep them learning all the time with repetition to
develop good habits .

My biggest challenge
of course is having time to do the volunteering and my main gift I
get from it is seeing their smiles and how much fun we always have. I
hope I make a positive improvement on their lives.

Looking forward is
not what I live by as a Creed. Having most lost my brother s d losing
my mother and grandma we are never promised tomorrow so I don’t look
forward in the sense of living but more so loving the moment I’m
getting to live in .

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