Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Just a Choice

Name: Imani Nicole Bell
From: Roselle Park, NJ
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moment and decision can change your life. Four years ago, I never
thought that I would be volunteering to help others as much as I do.
The Appalachian Service Project really had a great impact on my life.
When I was 13 years old, my mom signed me up for a trip that I 100%
did not want to attend. ASP takes you to the Appalachian Mountains to
help people that are less fortunate for one week. Through this
program, I have met wonderful people and made some of my friendships
stronger. When I help, others it brings me such joy and
happiness. Today, I look forward to going to ASP and have hopes
of one day being a staffer. Since starting ASP, I have also
started helping people in many other ways. In my school, I’m in a
class called Crisis Center. In this class, I am a counselor who helps
students with different problems they may be having. I have had
extensive training in suicide prevention and training in how to help
others by listening and helping them figure out different problems
that they may have. Another program I participate in is something
called bridges. In this program, I make lunches for homeless people
who need help. I love helping others I feel like it’s something I was
meant to do. The decision I made to go to ASP has really changed my
life and is one of the reasons I enjoy helping others. I want to
become an elementary school special education teacher so that I can
continue to help others

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