Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Just A Kid Helping Kids

Name: Destinee Cole
From: Spearfish , SD
Grade: 12
School: Black Hills State University
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a Kid Helping Kids

At age 14 I knew
I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives, which motivated
me to volunteer at my church. I have volunteered at my church for 2
hours every Wednesday night for the past 4 years. As a volunteer, I
got to teach a preschool class, I sat with them at dinner, I sang
with them during worship, and then I took them to out classroom and
read them stories from the bible and did crafts and coloring with
them. Teaching a preschool class, my biggest struggle was getting the
children to focus, I had to learn how each child behaved and how to
refocus each child back to the topic at hand. After learning about
each child, and how to keep them in focus, I got to see their faces
light up when they could site the bible verse and get a reward, I got
to see how proud they were after making a craft, but the most
satisfying thing was how close I got with each one of the children.
They made me things and brought them from their home for me, they
would hold my hands while walking to class, and every night I would
get a hug bye from them. In volunteering, I have learned how much I
love children, and how to satisfy each one of their needs. I think
this will make me a better mother to my children someday, and an
all-around better person.

My career goals
are in alignment with my volunteering because I am going to school to
be a pediatric nurse. To me forward-looking means progression. I see
my activities as forward-looking because it progresses me as a
person, as a mother, and as a pediatric nurse. If I came back in 20
years to see the children I was teaching I think I would have made a
significant difference in their life. I tried to instill in each
child how important and loved they are, how each one of them has a
talent, and that they are worthy of doing great. I hope that each
child remembers this 20 years from now, and that they will live their
life knowing their important.

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