Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Do it for the Kids

Name: Mechila Blake
From: Richmond, Texas
Grade: 10
School: Willaim B Travis High School
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Because of my love of volunteering and passion for the bettering of
kids and soon to be young adults, I mostly use my time and energy on
helping children of all ages do what they love or helping the local
public schools with their carnivals, stage performances, and trips
that need extra assistance.

The hours that I
dedicate to volunteering are not always steady, for my spring and
summer schedule is a lot more flexible than my fall and winter
schedule. In the fall and winter, I dedicate approximately 6 hours a
month and during the spring and summer, I contribute around 25 hours
a month of volunteer work.

I do many jobs that require small amounts of time due to my busy
calendar in the fall and winter. I help teachers, sort donated
clothes, toys, and unperishable foods during the holidays, and help
serve food. Those jobs are fun and provide much availability which I
desperately need. In the spring and summer, I help with school
carnivals, and aid in the setup of band UIL and other community

Two struggles
that I endure every year as being a volunteer is selfish people that
neglect the help and having to work with people that just want a
number and signature to log their sheets. It’s very frustrating
when you give up so much time and energy to something you’re
passionate about just to have the person you’re helping insult you.
It really does discourage sometimes, but I have kept a good spirit
about it. About the people that are there for the wrong reasons, you
can’t make someone do something good no matter how good of a thing
it is, so I let it go and prepare myself to pick up their weight

When others
around me are happy, I feel like the energy is passed on and it makes
me happy, especially since I was a part of their happiness and that
is the greatest satisfaction I have ever received.

Through my
volunteer service, I have learned that there will always be those bad
seeds, whether they’re the person you’re trying to help or the
person who is supposed to be helping, but that doesn’t make the
experience not worth it.

I don’t know what I plan to study in college, but I definitely
plan on continuing my service with or without that degree. Forward
looking to me means looking at the future and seeing the effects of
your actions in the long run and I love that feeling. I want to see
more positivity. I have fun and try to make things fun for the people
that I’m helping. I would like to see that I gave someone hope,
kept them out of trouble, or gave them a friend they’d never
forget. Decades from now, I will look back and smile. I will think of
all those I have fed, held, and helped and hope that they’re out
there doing the same for someone else.

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