Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Leading a helping head

Name: Tessa Brunner
From: sturgeon bay, Wisconsin
Grade: 12
School: Sevastopol
Votes: 0

I would like to share my story about how volunteerism changed my world. In 2010
Habitat for Humanity built my family a new house. it was a gift of a
lifetime and my family couldn’t be more grateful. I was still young I
was about in 7th grade when we got this house. there are so many
people there that volunteered to build me a house. after that I
started volunteering at habitat whether it was working in the resale
shop or if it was on site with the family building their houses. But
my volunteering didn’t end there my 8th grade you’re my church was
going on a mission trip to Tennessee where we work with ASP with
various jobs for us to do around the community to help them out. My
church group got to work with a family that was in need their house
is falling apart they have no bathroom and they had two disabled sons
that lived in a little garage in the back yard because there’s no
room in their house. There was so much work that needed to be done on
this house and we didn’t think we would be able to make much of an
impact in over a week. we Bonded with the family as we working on
the house we put new flooring in the house and rebuild the structure
to make sure the house was sturdy enough for the family. In the end
we got to build 2 handicap accessible ramps attached to the house in
The Little Garage for the boys we also insulated the garage for the
boys when it got cold and put new flooring in there as well. this
impacted my life so much and I realize that not everyone had a
beautiful brand new house like I did and many people can’t afford it.
after coming back from Tennessee I started working at local soup
kitchens and start of 18 donation boxes at local businesses asking
for Health Products, personal hygiene products, clothing, and various
other things. I then put these bags together and donated them to the
local Foster Care office. this was something that the foster care
children could take house the house and call their own many kids that
go into foster care in move house to house don’t have personal items
and sometimes go into foster care with absolutely nothing at all this
broke my heart and I wanted to make a difference. in between all
this I still volunteered at church I became part of the youth board
or we’ve planned youth oriented events or children could find and
connect to the religious size while having fun and meeting new people
we had over 300 plus kids come to these events and there was 12 other
children on this board with me and we plan everything the adults were
just there to make sure it didn’t get crazy. volunteerism has been a
huge part of my life and it’s shaped why I am today I love giving
back to people not because it helps me feel like a better person but
the see what other people go through and how they are happy with what
they have make me so grateful for what I have and in today’s age I
feel like people don’t recognize how grateful they are. With all
these volunteer projects I would work on them for about 20 hours a
week year round there were times where I went on mission trips and I
was gone for weeks at a time for my family and home. I learn to be
responsible from all these volunteer project because it was a big
thing it took a lot of responsibilities and planning to do all this.
This summer I am planning to go to college at NWTC in Sturgeon Bay
Wisconsin and get my business management degree with a focus of
advertising what I’m done with that I would like to go to uwgb and
Green Bay Wisconsin and get my degree in graphic design with this
degree I would like to continue volunteering and helping out various
groups that are associated with volunteerism get out into the world
by creating an advertising for them so that other people can feel
what I feel and see what I’ve seen and hopefully make an impact on
other people’s life and there own

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