Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Leading Leaders

Name: Javon Adote
From: New Haven, Connecticut (CT)
Grade: 11th
School: New Haven Academy
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Forward Scholarship


When I was in middle school, I was apart of an organization called Solar Youth, it’s a local youth group organization in my city which engages with kids of local communities and teaches them about being environmentally conscious and being good leaders and teammates. We plan and organize community events and projects tackling certain social issues. I was actively apart of it for 4 years meeting for 4 hours a weeks as a participant and 6 or more hours a week as an Intern, while going to the summer camp each year as both a participant and staff member over that span. I would engage children in games which were SY originals used to teach them in fun ways about nature, along with organizing and planning workshops to teach the children to be critical thinkers and helping them learn traits of leadership.

There were times of difficulty when I’ve being apart of SY was being able to engage kids into activities and being able to allow them to see the importance of the games and activities we did through our lesson plans and workshops. Children only wanted to play games without realizing the theme behind them. Overtime I started to learn ways to be a better leader myself through trying to make them to be leaders ironically, using what I was taught at the program as a participant. Making children become more in control of how to approach certain situations or played more games which required teamwork and a leader. It was a huge payoff after a while as I started to see how my experience being where they are, helped me give back to them so they can one day do the same. I met a lot of great friends and people who I looked up to as mentors who helped me modelled the way I engaged and treated others. Never before did I see how all the things I’ve done with them would come
in full circle like it did. Volunteering there has taught me the importance of accountability and being able to be conscious of your decisions, along with being about a change that you would like to see in the world, not to wait for others to do it for you.

            This has made me gear my future ambitions and career goals towards giving back to communities which help support not only myself, but others around me and the prosperity that follows. I plan to be someone who makes a big difference in a macro and micro scale and a model to do better things in the world. I want to be a spark to a revolutionary change in the world when the following generations will become better leaders for the world than those before them.

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