Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Be the Light Wherever You Go

Name: Yesenia Olivas
From: Seminole, Texas
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the Light Wherever You Go:

volunteer, according to Merriam Webster, is a person who voluntarily
undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service, while
having no legal concern or interest. Serving others is important
because it shines a light on society. Martin Luther King once said,
cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive
out hate: only love can do that.

the negativity and hatred in the world cannot be driven out by
bitterness and indifference; light must shine on the dark places and
reveal the truth in order for positive growth to occur. As a youth, I
decided to start serving others after I gave my life to Jesus, the
ultimate servant. My fellow peers have asked me to revise essays for
them and assist them academically, emotionally, physically, and
spiritually; and I am thrilled to be a light at my school.

Homecoming this year, Student Council adopted the theme,
the Light Wherever You Go,

as the Student Body President, I have made it my personal goal to be
a good example to all youths that I encounter. I was called to be
salt of the earth

city on a hill

to me, that means laying down my needs before someone else
(Matthew 5). It has not always been easy to sacrifice my needs and do
what others need at the moment, but I am a work in progress who gets
closer and closer to becoming the masterpiece that God intended me to
be. I am a leader. My identity goes beyond what people see on the
outside; it goes deep into the heart, where service and love flow
freely. Love does. Love sacrifices. Love forgives. The youth of this
generation does not comprehend what love really does. Youth that I
know believe that love is associated with sexual pleasure and sin,
yet God shows us a better way and enables me to do the same. I lead a
bible study at my school called,
Youth Bible Study

9th through 12th grade and any staff who would like to attend; and I
have observed a noticeable difference at my school as a result of my
willingness to serve out of selflessness. Because love is
demonstrated in actions, I decided to start caring for others last
year and that decision has made all the difference on my journey and
on the journeys of those around me. As I blaze new trails, God
enables me to shine His light upon everyone that I get the privilege
of meeting.

serving others and learning to lay down my selfishness before the
needs of others, I have learned how to see beyond the realm of today.
I plan to become a Medical Oncologist; and as I learn to be kind and
caring to everyone at my school, home, church, and world, I am making
the world a better place by shining the light of love on the darkness
of disease. I shall lead everyone I know to the truth of healing,
faith, and friendship.

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