Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Love to Learn

Name: Lindsey Schmidt
From: Eagle, ID
Grade: 11
School: Bishop Kelly High School
Votes: 0

is the best way to learn about others, one’s community, and one’s
self. In my experience, I have learned greater life lessons through
my volunteer work, and strive to instill this love of helping others
so that they, too, can grow as a person through benefiting other
people. I do the majority of my volunteering through my church and
school. My favorite area in which I have volunteered is peer
tutoring. I usually tutor a couple hours a week every week during the
school year, but am looking to tutor some elementary students all
summer this year. I chose to become a tutor because my friends often
came up to me asking for help with just a couple of their assignments
if I had already done them, or took the class a previous year.
However, as I was able to help them, more and more people began to
come to me for help, and now I am able to sit in the library and help
students of all grade levels in almost every class at my school.

My biggest
challenge as a volunteer is the time element. Though I absolutely
love helping my friends and people who I spend hours of my day with
every day better comprehend their subjects, I have my own rigorous
course schedule and extracurricular activities that compose a grand
majority of my time. I have come to learn, though, that I can almost
always make time for tutoring. In fact, more often now than ever,
people at my school will video chat me at night to ask me for help on
a quick assignment or text me a couple weeks ahead of a test so that
I can schedule time for them.

The greatest
satisfaction I have ever encountered as a volunteer is the outcome of
my tutoring. The first girl I began to tutor, a girl who was on my
volleyball team, raised her math grade from a D to an A after I
tutored her for a year. However, more than just improvement in their
grades satisfies me. I am able to see the people I tutor begin to
enjoy school more since they are less frustrated with their work and
learn to love learning and figuring out their problems.

From my position, I
have learned to embrace learning, and to help others embrace it, too.
Our society has become so focused on getting a letter grade that they
often forget the actual joy that comes with learning. Looking
forward, I want to keep tutoring my peers and, really, anyone else
who needs help. I want to inspire others to spread their love of
learning and finding out the answer, though it may include some
struggle. Looking forward, to me, means that I am able to take what I
have learned and further develop it. In several years, I believe I
will have made a difference because these people may get into better
universities and thus benefit their entire futures.

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