Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Make a difference, even if its small.

Name: Iveth Anahi Villanueva
From: Hemet , California
Grade: 10
School: West valley high school
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Youth forward scholarship

My two most
common volunteer positions are very important and contribute to what
i plan to do in the future. The most common is volunteering at my
local hospital; the second is going to a local shelter with my church
and providing the people with a dinner. These are very important to
me because i love to be a part of something that changes my community
for the better. In the future i will love to work as an international
nurse and be able to help people who truly are in need and can’t
get the same help the U.S. Government gives its citizens.
To begin with, i chose to volunteer at my local hospital for two
reasons, first, i’m in a program at my high school called AVID, i’m
required to do community service hours per semester. This was my main
pushing factor. The second reason i chose the hospital is because i
wanted to do something that will give me an opportunity to see if i
really did want to end up working at a hospital. I’m learning so
much about how a hospital operates and i really did end up loving it.
I have been volunteering since september 2016. It’s usually every
Tuesday or Wednesday for 4 hours. In total as of now i have
volunteered for 60 hours. As a volunteer I am not allowed to touch
the patients, i can bring them anything they need as long as i get an
okay from their nurse. My main jobs include: answering patient calls,
the main phone line, running down to the basement to ask for
supplies, going to the pharmacy to get medications, and on occasion i
may wheel patience down to their car. The biggest challenge as a
volunteer for me, is that i really want to do a perfect job, and i
don’t want to mess up the nurses so i tend to overthink the
simplest things. The thing that most satisfies me as a volunteer is
knowing that i’m making a difference. When a patient or staff
notices my hard work and simply says thank you and means it, is
amazing, it makes me feel like what i’m doing is important and they
acknowledge it. From this volunteer position i have learned the hard
work that comes with being a nurse or just a staff member in a
hospital. I never thought it would be as much work as i’ve seen.
Its an amazing experience and i encourage everyone to try something
like this out in their life. All in all, volunteering at the
hospital has been such a great experience and i have learned so much
from this position. It’s been incredible to learn about what i will
hopefully be doing in the future and how this will benefit me in the
long run. Hospital are always in need of extra help and you can learn
a thing or two.

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