Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Make the World a Better Place

Name: Jasmine Villanueva
From: Dumfries, Virginia
Grade: Tenth grade
School: Potomac Senior high School
Votes: 21

I choose
my Girl Scout Troop at our annual day camp for younger girls. I
volunteer as a program aide and I alternate roles between running a
station for girls and leading a group of girls. When I am a station
Program Aide, I am in charge of leading girls through activities
tailored to their ages and skill levels, and I help any girls who
struggled to complete the activity. As the Program Aide in charge of
a group of girls, I led girls around camp in our buddy line, and
taught them new songs and essentially how to represent girl scouts. I
choose this program because I am a girl scout and it teaches me real
life skills that are important to my dream of becoming an elementary
school teacher. I volunteer for about six hours a day for one
workweek every year, and although there is not much time spent with
the girls, they learn new skills every year that will last a
lifetime. My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been finding my
voice and taking charge, because I am naturally soft spoken and I am
not very good at being the center of attention. This volunteer
experience has taught me to accept the position of being a role model
for younger girls. I am much more comfortable in my own skin
consequently. I am also more prepared to be a teacher, because I have
spent more time instructing large groups of people. One of my most
satisfactory moments as a volunteer was when one of the Daisies-
Daisies is the youngest level in Girl Scouts, so the girl was only
five or six- that I was leading turned to me and said that she was
having a great time, and she showed me the knot she had gone home to
work on the day before. She explained to me that she taught her mommy
how to do it too, and she was using the strategy that I had shown
her. This was extremely important to me because I had worked very
hard to get through to her as she fell behind at this station and all
I had to do for her to understand was change the vocabulary up a bit
and it clicked right away. This might not seem like a big deal but it
showed me how important learning styles are to children and how
different children grow.

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