Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Make Your Impact

Name: Lauren Dunbeck
From: Gibraltar, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Gibraltar Oscar A. Carlson High School
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10, 2016

your Impact

When people think of volunteering, the first thing that pops into their
mind usually has something to do with church, homeless shelters, or
something similar. When I think of volunteering, my mind
automatically goes to the volunteering I do at my local library. This
might sound like an odd place for someone to volunteer, but it is not
if you ask me. I take pleasure in volunteering at my local library in
Flat Rock, Michigan.

I first started volunteering at the library in September of 2015. When
I was applying for the National Honor Society (NHS), I needed to find
a good place to volunteer, and the library was the perfect place for
me; I love reading and spending time at there because the library is
a nice, quiet, relaxing place. From September to October, I
volunteered a couple times each month, but starting in November, I
volunteered after school every Friday for two hours. As a volunteer,
I have many odd responsibilities: getting a new book and locating it
in the online catalog then finding the duplicate book on the shelf,
tidying up the books on the shelves, and placing and cutting tags and
stickers on and off of old and new books. My biggest challenge as a
volunteer is finding more time to volunteer. I love my job
volunteering, but between school and sports it is hard to find more
time. The thing that gives me the most satisfaction as a volunteer is
knowing that I am helping the librarians out. I have learned that
volunteering can actually be fun while working at my position as a

Volunteering at the library has been very beneficial; it has given me good work
experience along with better listening skills. My volunteer
experience is forward looking; the skills I have gathered from
working at the library can very easily be applied in my future not
only at college but at future jobs too. I want to show others the
passion I have for reading and influence their opinions of reading
and books too. I think my volunteering experiences have already made
a difference: I have shown many of the librarians that some people my
age do care about reading.

Working as a volunteer at my library is fun. It makes my day every time I
realize that I am going there after school. Although it may not sound
exciting to the average teenager, it is very exciting to me. I love
the quiet atmosphere presented in the library and the fact that I am
surrounded by books. I wish I could find more time to help out during
the school week.

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