Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Making a difference being

Name: Tiana A. Hernandez
From: Ocala , Fl
Grade: 11
School: Dunnellon High school
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Making a Difference

Volunteering in high school can be fun. I however used to volunteer at a day care.
I chose to volunteer their because I felt comfortable around
children. I made them smile, and I also showed adults how to be
patient and think positive. I volunteered during the summer, which
was Monday through Friday from 8am-2pm. My responsibilities was to
help around. For example, like get the children to pick up after
themselves, and get ready to eat. My biggest challenge I would say
would be to calm a child down after being upset because another child
has their toy. Reason why is because they would be upset and throw
fists and id have to be patient and calm them down. The most
satisfaction I had while volunteering was being able to be around
the kids. Being able to teach them about what is right and wrong.

Volunteering has helped me in a lot of ways. It has forward me into the future. In
other words, it has helped me realize what it is like to get out of
school, do school work, eat, help family, then go to a daycare and
help out. It has taught me to take responsibilities for myself, and
work like an adult. By being involved with volunteering it has
changed my view on the world. The change that I seek into the world
is the positivity. People tend to say they are not good enough or
they say that they can’t do it. Well volunteering has helped me
seek the change into the world because I have helped people think
positive. Anything is possible. You have to think positive, have
faith, keep going, and push yourself. Me volunteering in other places
helped me change other peoples views because now they would be like
“if she can do it then I can too” and I admire hearing that,
because yes it is true.

The things we do now will benefit or break us in the future.
Volunteering is amazing and it benefits the person volunteering and
it benefits others. With volunteering it could change the future. But
imagine coming ten, twenty, or even thirty years from now. Would you
say that your volunteer activities would have made a difference?
Well everyone is different. I have skills. You have skills. We both
have strengths and weaknesses. The volunteering activity’s that I
do now will benefit me later on. But, if I was the one to come back
in those years I highly believe my volunteering activities will still
make a difference. I say this because I am a person who likes to see
other people successful, and if I have to come out and do something
to guide someone else then id do that. My volunteering activities
also would have made a difference because it would have shown the
work ethics I myself have. It would push others to follow my steps
and to become successful in following their dreams. Lets all be

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