Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Martial Art Master Assistant

Name: Christian Mojica
From: San Lorenzo, California
Grade: 12
School: Kipp King Collegiate
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After aimlessly sweating, forgetting everything in front of the whole class, and agreeing to the martial art master’s bet of kicking down punching bags for ice cream, I earned the title of official martial art master assistant two years ago. Although unwillingly at first, I needed to attain this title in order to boost my own confidence and leadership skills. This title boosted my skills as I needed to go up to our 7 and 13 years old pupils and teach them various techniques. Since I personally couldn’t adopt the authoritative teaching styles of the masters without messing up and having a sense of humor, I crafted my own teaching methods that involved constant light hearted taunting, quick breaking of pupil’s defenses, and generous praising of
pupil’s skills.

As I perfected my teaching methods, I gained greater confidence in independently running the class to the point I realized that various of the pupils were also suffering a lack of confidence. Interested, I adapted my new teaching habits to promoting higher self esteem in my pupils. The difference that this created in their sociability and movements was intriguing. Not only had they tremendously increased the fluidity and strength of their movements, yet their sociability improved. Garnering further insight into such topics, it became apparent that even if teaching seemed repetitive and tedious, my constant
motivation still allowed my pupils to increase in confidence and sociability.

Through these interactions, I’ve become passionate in motivating children to keep trying their best and look forward to every Monday and Wednesday when I meet with my students. Boosting their confidence has become one of my priorities as I continue to volunteer as a martial artist assistant for it makes me gleeful to see them standing tall and proud amongst the rest of the students. On the other hand, due to past tutoring experiences at library homework centers and aiding friends
on Calculus weekly throughout this year, I have also taken the initiative of tutoring. To the same effect as when I was volunteering as a martial art master assistant, I am now motivated to tutor anyone in particular when I’m available because it brings me joy to see them having fun while learning new things.

As college approaches, I look forward to boosting the confidence of children through both of these services. Additionally, I have learned that an egregious lack of confidence can lead to severe depression when children go through their dreaded teenage years. Because of these experiences, I feel dreadful when one allows people to hit such mellow and dark points in their lives just because they never had someone ever wonder if they had enough confidence to begin with in order to pursue their life long goals and journeys. Thus, in the next few decades, I will work to craft new forms of teaching and tutoring
in order to boost people’s confidence in order to greatly decimate the number of people who hit depression in my community.

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