Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Mentor

Name: Udochi Okorie
From: Hawthorne, CA
Grade: 10th
School: Hawthorne High
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To understand the
depths and metal depression of poverty, is to live in poverty, breath
in poverty, and believe that you are poverty. With this mentality, a
child will allow themselves to subdue to the poverty ways of violence
and quick money. These children have lived in situation that no
cameraman has ever capture, has starved for days that no charities
have ever published, these children are forgotten, as I once was. At
the age of 10 with my parents divorce, my perception on life changed,
I began to understand how socioeconomics define me, defines who I am
and who I will be in the future. My loneliness and depression led to
several violent outbreaks in school, but the violence was not only
about my parent’s divorce. Living in hotels, moving every other three
days was stressful for a young child, the environmental impact of
poverty and not knowing when I would eat was mentally and physically
straining. With this new experience, I gained extraordinary
sentimental towards children living in poverty. I know how difficult
their lives are which contributed towards my mentoring of students
from pre-k through 9th grade. This three-year journey with going to
Saturday science academy II, torturing, mentoring and teaching
low-income students has shown me that my hardships should be used to
mentor others. As a teacher, I help tutor the student on math
homework and enlighten them on various science experiments. For
example, the children were able to dissect a cat, which most high
school students do in anatomy. Teaching and exposing young minority
students to experiences like this is life changing; to see children,
who are going through serious problems at home, excited to learn
about science and to better their education, brings joy and show that
all my problems are worth the trouble. Once in a while, a student who
is going through challenges at home will act out in anger. This child
might want to throw something or physically harm another student,
which is heartbreaking because I know how they fill inside. Mentoring
is the way to relieve their pain, I am able to talk to the children
and help them overcome the problems as much as I can. Before I became
a student teacher, I knew how it felt to be scared and alone. I
allowed my problems to consume me and change my personality, and make
me feel worthless. When I became a student teacher I realized that
there are other children going through the same problems as me; I
found a way to help young children find peace and happiness before
their problems consume them. As a student teacher I have found more
self worth and pride, that my problems are more than a bad
experience, but as a way to inspire others to greatness. These
children are going to be the doctors and lawyers of the futures, this
forward looking mentality is met to focus on the future, not the
past. These children will learn how to take negative experiences and
foster them into influential stories to guide other low income
children. In Twenty years the children that I mentored will be
mentoring other children and so on and so on as years past creating
and unbreakable structure of powerful minorities.

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