Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Merry Christmas

Name: Jakar Oriseh
From: Thousand Oaks , California
Grade: 12th Grade
School: California Lutheran University
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am a member of the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. I was
initiated and became a member in November of 2016. Around that time,
the fraternity asked for a donation. The donation of money that was
collected would immediately go into buying toys and presents for
retired war veterans and their families. The families were of low
income. So, from that time into early December, money from donors
were given to the fraternity. Once December 1st hit, the
fraternity decided to use the money to buy these gifts. A group of us
went to the Target near my school, California Lutheran University and
bought presents. We were given three to four pages each. These pages
gave us the dollar amount and the child or adult’s name on it. The
president at the time gave us the freedom to buy gifts to what we see
fitting for what the child or adult would want, according to age and
gender. I interacted with many other fraternity members whom I have
never talked to before. We engaged in conversation while buying the
gifts. Once the gift buying was done, the next night, the fraternity
went to the president’s house and wrapped each gift. There we
finally realized that we had reached our goal. The goal in mind was
almost complete. The next morning, almost the entire fraternity drove
to Los Angeles, where the facility was located. As we prepared the
gifts, we saw the families come in. Once in, we started engaging in
conversation with both the adults and children. We played Games with
them until it was time to give the gifts. One family would come and
receive their gifts at a time. It was very heartwarming to see each
family joyful that they received Christmas presents. It was also
great to see the fraternity happy that the goal to give these
families a great Christmas was achieved. I am glad that I was a part
of it because I saw happiness from both sides. The families were
happy and our fraternity was happy. It was a blessing to be around,
and it made an experience that I did not know what to expect very
joyful and memorable. One thing that I learned was that giving Is
better than receiving. At first I was somewhat hesitant about going
to this event. I am glad that I decided to go because it was amazing
to be around everyone with positivity. This event showed me that it
is good to be selfless and lending out a helping hand is a great
thing to see. I thank God I was able to see the success of all of it.

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