Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Music For All

Name: Tony Au
From: Houston, TX
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seven years of playing the violin, I can proudly say that music has
become a part of me.Throughout my experience playing the violin, I
have been able to shape my views on life and find a sense of self
identity through my passion for music and the lessons that it can

humble beginnings, which was common among the students in my middle
school, I never expected myself to devote blood and sweat into an
instrument. In fact, I was surprised that my school was able to
financially support a music department. But despite the difficulties
of teaching at a low-income school, Maestro Johnson gathered a bunch
of open-minded kids who had little to no exposure to any instruments
and created an orchestra.

of the students in my middle school had no interest in participating
in an orchestra and they had clear reasons not to. One of which was
the unbearable learning curve of playing an instrument. The early
years of our orchestra performances of “music” was relatively
similar to a swarm of bees and I was surprised that our audience
could sit through our torture. Through months of practice and
countless hours of my mother yelling at me for the uproars coming
from my room as I practice, I could finally say that the long strides
from my bow created music. I improved both in musical talent and in

that I’ve learned to play an instrument, I’ve taken the time out
of my day to reach out at retirement homes and arrange concerts; and
it’s not just a chamber music group playing, it’s a whole
ensemble with percussion and wind instruments.

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