Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Need for Tutoring

Name: Nathanial LeBlanc
From: Port St Lucie, Florida
Grade: 11th
School: Community Christian Academy
Votes: 0

My biggest act of volunteering through the years has been my
tutoring. I have tutored younger children throughout my high school
career. Math has been an enormous struggle in my school so this is
my primary focus however I have tutored in a variety of subjects. I
have chosen to volunteer by tutoring because I enjoy learning and
explaining things to others.

I used to average between two to three hours of tutoring per week but
that has been reduced to one due to my work and its scheduling.
Tutoring is a largely autonomous activity as it is mostly just you
and the student so there is a lot of responsibility involved. My
responsibilities are to teach students information they don’t know
and to aid them with difficult concepts. My overall responsibility
is to make sure they know the information and are able to apply it
and use it on their own. My biggest challenge in tutoring also
provides me the most satisfaction. My biggest challenge is
connecting with the students and being able to explain a concept in a
way they will be able to understand and retain. When a student
finally gets the problem and demonstrates his knowledge, I receive
the most satisfaction while tutoring. I have learned from tutoring
the art of patience and slow, gradual learning; I have learned how to
go through a problem with a child step by step, problem by problem
until they have mastered it.

Tutoring is a great way for me to use my knowledge to help others but
it does reflect my long term goals. While I desire to always be
helping people I do not wish to accomplish it through something like
teaching which is reflected by tutoring. I see tutoring as forward
looking as it sharpens both my brain and my relationship with others.
It teaches me how to connect with someone and explain something to
them. I seek to foster a renewed love and yearning for learning.
Especially in areas such as mathematics I want to instill in younger
students the love of education and the rewards it can bring. I do
believe my tutoring will have made a small impact on a few students
who realize that learning is a gift and use this desire to do great
things in life.

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