Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Nike, just do it

Name: Franklin Bandoh
From: Charlotte, NC
Grade: Junior
School: Olympic highschool
Votes: 3

is the use or involvement of volunteer labor, especially in community
services. Some people volunteer because they need it to graduate, or
they were told to do so. Others volunteer because they enjoy helping
people. I am one of few who love volunteering just because they enjoy
it. I have volunteered at retirement homes, food banks, and even
churches. Being a dual-varsity athlete and playing club soccer on the
weekend, time is a luxury. A great man once told me if you love
something you will make time for it. So that is what I have done.

Sundays, before or after my club soccer games, I head over to my
nearest church help out with Sunday School. Saturdays are the days my
family and I usually go to the food bank and help out. One of our
responsibilities there is separating all the different kinds of food
that come to us. This is very time consuming. We usually do this
early in the morning around 8 until the work has ended. During the
week, after practice our coach allows us to go a nearby retirement
home to do volunteer work before our parents come and pick us up. I’m
usually the last one there.

I volunteer at the retirement homes I help entertain people who are
almost 5 times my age. That wasn’t easy the first time I did it. I
had to do some research and then realized that It was simple, elderly
people like stories. I loved staying over there because of their many
inspiring stories they told me. I never knew what to expect whenever
I went over there. Learning things from different people each day is
one of the reasons why I love volunteering.

hardest things that I have encountered while volunteering is time
management. When I was little time wasn’t an issue. I could volunteer
until I wanted to stop. Now that I’m older I’ve realized that I
need to focus on my academics and athletics. I’m currently trying to
go to college to become a physical therapist or a civil engineer. I
believe in order to be successful at both jobs I need to know how it
feels to help and interact with different people. I have learned many
things during my times volunteering. The best thing I have learned is
to teach someone else or help someone understand what you’ve

may not get me towards the career I’m pursuing, but one thing I
know is that it will make me better person. If entertaining a senior
citizen or helping an 8 year old with bullying problems for just a
few hours a day means that I am making a change somewhere I will do
it. I know that showing someone kindness, generosity and selflessness
will make a difference in their life no matter how small the action
is. I don’t expect volunteering to make a difference but if it does
then I have succeeded.

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