Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Passionate for Helping Others

Name: Engy
From: Hawthorne, CA
Grade: 9th
School: Hawthorne High School
Votes: 0


for Helping Others

areas that I have volunteering in are helping low-income children and
veterans. I chose these two specific places because I love dealing
with kids and I appreciate people who serve in the military. I’m
able to relate to both situations differently. I want to start as to
how I loved children. First, my mom usually babysits her family’s
kids and so I would go with her to have fun. Kids always make me
laugh because they don’t know much and so they things the wrong
way. As I grew up, I wanted to continue helping kids just like I saw
my mom did it. Second thing I wanted to mention was why I wanted to
help veterans. My dad served in the military, in Egypt, before I was
born and he told me stories about how his lifestyle as a military. He
told me how he hardly saw his family and ate poorly. It wasn’t a
very pleasant time for him. He also told me how there were people who
helped serve the food and how they were very kind to him. From there
I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to distribute food to the
veterans and help them smile. I was able to do that and I learned
their lifetime story and how they came to be who they are today. It
really touches my heart to be able to help others.

volunteer about five hours per week and almost twenty hours per
month. My responsibilities are helping kids find their creativity
through playful activities and serving food for elderly veterans. I
enjoyed every moment with different people by learning life lessons
that will help me in the future. For example, one person, named Don,
told me how me was rich and owned two expensive cars in German when
he was there during World War two. He told how I should not hold onto
things because nothing is permanent and will not last forever. He
ended up moving here and left everything behind.

biggest challenge when I volunteered was time management. This year
I’ve been taking really tough classes so I can go to college, but
I’ve been having loads of homework. I also have to watch my little
sister when my mom goes out. The way I manage my time is by finishing
all my hard work first and leaving the easy task for later. I limit
myself on using my phone by putting it on airplane mode. After I did
this, I was able to help out and have a little of free time to
myself. From this, I learned that having an effective plan ahead of
time helps you get through so much more than you can imagine. Yes
this was really hard for me in the beginning, but through practice I
was able to manage my time.

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