Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Being a Positive Influence in the World

Name: Miquela Givens
From: Cincinnati , Ohio
Grade: 12
School: Roger Bacon High School
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a Positive Influence in the World

Miquela Givens

was a volunteer at Crayons to Computers in February and March of
2017. I chose this site because it helps provide free school supplies
for students in need and I value education. I’ve been blessed to
attend a Catholic school since second grade and I wanted to give
back. I volunteered every other Saturday for four weekends. My
responsibilities as a volunteer was packaging items, checking out
teachers in the check out line, and stocking the store. I didn’t
really have any major challenges volunteering, but I didn’t really
like stocking the store. It was kind of boring and a lot of work. I
had to get back into the mentality of “I’m helping kids get
school supplies, which is amazing.” I started to look at the
positive impact my service would have on the students and I felt
better. A big satisfaction I had as a volunteer at Crayons to
Computers was interacting with the teachers. At the end of the
checkout line, they had “My Wish for You” motivational
cards that the teachers filled out for their students. It made me
realize how much teachers care about their students. The biggest
satisfaction I had was returning from school after the weekend with a
better attitude. I never really noticed how much teachers really care
about their students and want them to be successful. From my
volunteer position, I learned to go into a new place with an open
mind because it could actually turn out to be a great experience. At
first, I wasn’t very fond with the idea of volunteering, but I
honestly had a lot of fun.

plan to pursue a career in psychology. As a psychologist, I’m going
to have to help people. I’ve experienced helping people with my
volunteering. I actually have a huge passion for helping people. I
always have. I’ve struggled with a lot of issues in my life and
people have helped me. I just feel like I need to give back. In the
future, I can actually see myself going back to Crayons to Computers
and other places to volunteer. Looking forward, I know I will still
have a passion for helping people. With my volunteering, I want to
better the world. I want people to have the things they need. I want
the homeless to have food. I want every student to have the necessary
school supplies they need to succeed in school and in the future. I
want people to be happy and successful. I feel like in ten, twenty,
or thirty years, my volunteer activities would’ve made a difference.
I feel like I would inspire other people to volunteer. Everyone will
be helping someone and making a positive impact in peoples’ lives and
that should be the ultimate goal.

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